100ft wide x 800ft long x 30ft below the hook 200,000 lbs lifting and fabrication area. We have mobile cranes with up to 70 tons lifting capacity that allows us to handle the biggest of projects. We can handle and move parts in the yard using our own semis, flatbeds, straight trucks, large forklifts (up to 25,000 lbs.) in addition to our mobile cranes.

337,000 sqft of under-roof manufacturing space. With over 100 acres, including 36 acres of secured laydown area, to house large projects and raw materials, we can support our customers!


With the latest certifications, our Quality Assurance Team is leading the way on the path to quality manufacturing. LJUNGSTRÖM is International quality standards (ISO) certified, since 2004, and regularly audited to these standards to guarantee consistency and reproducibility as a commitment to our customers so that your custom product is delivered the same every time.


From our plant to the mainline allows for convenient rail access to the Olean Secondary Trail System (from our largest fabrication bay 100’ wide x 800’ long x 30’ below the hook 200,000 lbs. lifting right to the mainline)

For over ninety years, LJUNGSTRÖM Custom Manufacturing Solutions has a strong history of solving problems for clients throughout the world. We can manufacture built-to-order parts, custom products and offer a wide variety of options to solve your problems. We can support high volumes and short-lead times.

We have specialized design consultation, custom fabrication, pre-production prototype design, component testing and machine repair onsite. Increasing oversight and reducing project downtime!

LJUNGSTRÖM’s Custom Manufacturing Solutions is ready to quote:


LJUNGSTRÖM’s Custom Manufacturing Solutions can handle large fabrications projects, from one-off parts to serial production. We support prefabrication and welding efforts for individual customer orders to large companies. From heavy ash coolers to custom blades, we can handle big or small orders to support every customer’s needs.

Our 4th generation craftsmen can weld carbon steel, Inconel, 300, and 400 series stainless steel and abrasion-resistant materials.

With multiple weld positioners (up to 30 tons) and positioning rollers (up to 90 tons) we can safely rig and handle fabrication for our customer’s applications and needs.

All our of welders are qualified AWS D1.1, ASME XI, or ISO-3834-2, as required by our customers.  Welding processes include:

SMAW - Shielded Metal Arc (Stick)

SAW - Submerged Arc (Subarc)

GMAW - Gas Metal Arc (Mig)

GTAW - Gas Tungsten Arc (Tig)

FCAW - Flux Cored Arc

ESW - Electroslag

SW - Stud Welding

Robotic Welding

Aluminum (GMAW or GTAW)


LJUNGSTRÖM offers a wide variety of manual and CNC Machining services. Our fleet of machinery currently numbers 40 machine tools with accuracy to 0.0005”. These include name brands like Mazak, Samsung, Okuma, Ingersoll, Asquith, Dorries, LeBlonde, Blanchard, and Giddings & Lewis. Machining that we offer includes:

Horizontal milling to 40’ long, 26’ high, and 30’ deep. Workpieces to 100 tons

Vertical Turning to 20’ in diameter and 10’ tall. Workpieces to 75 tons

Planer (gantry) milling to 8’ wide, 20’ long. Workpieces to 50 tons

Horizontal turning to 84” diameter, 40’ long. Workpieces to 100 tons

In addition to the fleet of very large machine tools, above, we offer multiple machine tools in each machining category:

Horizontal Mills – (7) total

Vertical Boring Mills – (6) total

Vertical Boring Mills with live drilling/milling spindles – (2)

Horizontal Machining Centers

Vertical Machining Centers

Horizontal Lathes with live 5th axis drilling/milling – (3) total

Horizontal Lathes with 2 axis movement – (4) total

Hydraulic keyway broaching up to 3” wide

Deep hole (gun) drilling up to 3” diameter and 8 feet deep

Blanchard surface grinding up to 48” diameter


Our prefabrication department has few limitations. Being at the forefront of heavy manufacturing begins with heavy machinery that’s ready to take on the biggest challenges and offer practical solutions!

1250 tons with 16’ bed size (qty 1)

1000 tons with 10’ bed size (qty 1)

250 tons with 10’ bed size (qty 3)

Press Punches Verson 150 tons (bed size 4’ x 4’) and Niagara 200 tons (bed size 4’ x 4’) for multiple (serial) production parts

Laser Cutting and Plasma/Oxy Fuel Burning:

4000-watt Mazak Optiplex Fiber laser up to ¾” carbon steel cutting and ½” Stainless with automated feed system

1500-Watt Mazak Laser

CNC Plasma/Oxy Fuel Burn table accommodates sizes up to 20’ X 50”

Shearing, Rolling, and Structural Rolling:

Up to ½” thick and 16’ wide

1.5” thick by 12’ wide

.375” thick by 6’ wide

Numerous shapes including angles, tee bars and bars with up to 6” x 6” x 7/8” rolling the hard way


Up to 18” x 18” with mitering heads


LJUNGSTRÖM is committed to supporting customers with quality heavy fabrications that require thermal stress relieve operations with two sizeable thermal stress relieve ovens. Our abrasive blast (up to SPCC10 near white blast) and painting ensure our customers get surface preparation and paint all under one roof!

Thermal Stress Relieve Ovens

Up to 1200˚F

15’ wide x 12’ high x 28’ deep

10’ wide x 10’ high x 10’ deep

Cart capacity of 80 tons

Abrasive Blasts (Multi Medias used):

30’ x 16’ x18’ booth with 80 tons cart capacity

6’ x 7’ booth with an automated blast

Open Air Paint:

20’ x 60’ area

OSHA Compliant downdraft system


In addition to an impressive fabrication facility, we also have a dedicated assembly area fully stocked with tools and testing equipment. With our skilled craftsman, rebuilding used equipment is also a specialty that sets us apart.

Hydro testing to 1000 PSI

Qualified torque tightening with formal procedures

Induction heating and installation of bearings

Heating oven and freezer for interference fit installations

Gear installation with pattern adjustment

Contact lapping of extensive interfaces

Construction of complete lubrication systems

Spur bevel and worm gearing mechanical systems

Drive system

Copper coil heat exchanger for gearboxes

Weld in ceramic tiling

Installation of Hardox wear liners

Formal procedures for Riveting operations

We also accept used machinery requiring to rebuilt.  We can disassemble, inspect and estimate cost of repairs and upon approval of the customer proceed with the complete rebuild.  Common customer parts for inspection and rebuild include:


Journal assemblies

Gear reducers



LJUNGSTRÖM has a control system and engineering group dedicated to supporting customer products from conception through panel completion. We can engineer, design, build and test panels before shipment to you.